If you are reading this, you must be planning a wedding

Weddings are special occasions and everyone loves a wedding.. but what’s even better than a wedding? That’s right…


Everyone wants their wedding to be just right, to be unforgettable,  a fabulous celebration of your special partnership, which will leave you both with happy memories for years to come. The venue, the cake, the flowers, the guests, the band…  all of these are important choices to be made together:  but one choice is probably the most important: the person who will lead the ceremony on the day. We believe that the best choice for a lesbian or gay wedding is a lesbian or gay celebrant: someone who truly understands your life and the special significance of lesbian and gay weddings.

We have qualified and experienced celebrants across the North West and North Wales who are lesbians and gay men who are ready to help you design a wedding that is unique, moving, personal and truly gay. This can be traditional or cutting-edge, quiet and dignified or loud and crazy… and everything in-between. Your wedding might be in a town hall, a theatre, a hotel, in a forest, on a beach, up a mountain… the choice is yours. While our celebrants are located in North West England, we are all available to travel anywhere you like for your wedding.

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